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Customized Gift Note

Customized Gift Note

Your words go a long way... Write what you want the recipient to read on their gift note and we will include it in the order with care and intention.
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A whole lotta love.

Cupping Notes

A note from the heart that will be savored in with every cup!

Size Guide

Depends on your heart size. ❤️🥰

Brewing & Serving

Care & Reuse

Gift with care!


Included in coffee package

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our tinycup is a 6 oz. cup of coffee

Why, you ask? Well, in American coffee culture, serving sizes often assume 8 oz. equals "one cup" of coffee. But we like the more universal standard for coffee, which is 6 oz. mug-served coffee. The reasons are simple but important...

  • (1) Mindful Consumption

    The 6 oz. standard promotes thoughtful, more intentional moments of coffee savoring.

  • (2) Ideal Strength & Flavor

    Smaller servings maintain a balance of coffee strength and richer flavor without dilution.

  • (3) Consistent Experience

    Adhering to the 6 oz. standard makes for a more consistent experience with each cup you make.

  • (4) Enhanced Aroma

    Smaller quantities help to preserve the aromatic qualities of the coffee for longer.

Customer Reviews

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Mohamed Sheikh
Gift for my brother-in-law

I got the Elena as a gift for my brother-in-law, and he loved it! The personalized note was a fantastic touch.

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