We invite you to rest with us

We invite you to rest with us

Dear friend, you deserve rest.

So, we invite you to  r e s t  with us during our Rest Days, March 12-17th.

Rest days are our most important events at Tinycup. It's when our team (me, my wife Lany, and our kids) take a much needed break from as much of the business as possible (it's always a work in progress). We learned this in our training with HmntyCntrd — you should check them out!

How we rest. We usually try to spend time outdoors, read books, play video games. We focus on being present at little league practices and games. And we definitely aim to take naps! (Like I said, a work in progress). Most of all, though, we check in with one another to make sure we're communicating and relating to each other as softly and fluidly as we'd like. That's spirit behind rest days.

This week is particularly special and important to us because we're observing Ramadan as a family. So, we really do need this time to  s l o w d o w n, reset, and reconnect (collectively and independently) on a spiritual level.


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