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The Elena Roast

The Elena Roast

Azúcar Morena

The Elena Roast is that warm, comforting hug from your abuela who lives in the countryside of La Republica Dominicana.

Every batch of this family recipe is given special attention and care as it is pan-roasted to perfection and delicately turned in dark brown sugar (azúcar morena). With each brew, you will experience a flavorfully sweet and comforting reminder of home, wherever you may be…wherever home is for you.

The warmth from this full-bodied cup is perfect for your own personal restorative coffee ritual. The ideal compliment to that cozy little corner you like to sit in on your days off (…or at your desk with your zoom camera turned off!).

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Arabica coffee beans, organic brown sugar

Cupping Notes

"This cup is soft and fragrant and has a distinctive flavor that is both exotic and classic. This coffee is produced in the region of Yirga Cheffe, one of the most distinguished regions of Africa. This Ethiopian coffee is wet-processed to improve its acidity and enhance its clean floral notes, giving it a medium intensity of spice and herb flavors.

"This is why we are very confident that when you buy freshly roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee you will be treating yourself to one of the most distinctive coffees."

These notes are provided from our supplier Abyssinia Specialty Coffee

Size Guide

"The Weekender" is our Small

  • 4.2oz bag
  • Holds 115g of coffee
  • Pours 7-9 cups (6oz ea)

"The Day-by-dayer" is our Medium

  • 10oz bag
  • Holds 283g of coffee
  • Pours 18-20 cups (6oz ea)

"The Morning Person" is our Large

  • 1 pound bag
  • Holds 453g of coffee
  • Pours 28-30 cups (6oz ea)

Grind Size

Whole Bean:
For the freshest experience each time, grind just before brewing to release the full flavor and aroma. Perfect for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their grind size.

Ground (Standard):
Our standard grind is suitable for drip coffee makers and pour-over brewers. Medium grounds provide a balanced extraction for a smooth, well-rounded taste.

Ground for French Press*:
A coarser grind ideal for French Press brewing. This allows for a full-bodied, bold, and flavorful cup without the risk of over-extraction.


*Do you offer Espresso grind for The Elena Roast?

We don't recommend using The Elena Roast as an Espresso. It's delicious, no doubt! However, the brown sugar will expand with heat and may clog the pours of your portafiler basket. This makes for a less than desired pull/extraction.

If espresso is your thing, we do enjoy brewing Elena with a Moka Pot, using our standard/medium size grounds.

For the best results, we recommend just about any other brewing method. Click on the 'Brew & Serve' tab below this one for an illustrated view of our brewing recommendations.


*Why do we charge $2 for French Press?

We're aware there's a spectrum of approaches by coffee companies—some offer a range of grind options at no cost and some don't offer the option at all. At Tinycup, our priority is to deliver a restful coffee experience tailored to your specific preferences.

We view a French Press grind as a customization that requires extra care and precision to ensure optimal extraction for these unique brewing methods.

It would seem easier to customize an order for a roaster dedicated to small-batch roasting. In our current stage of growth, processing a custom grind order involves some additional steps to separate a single order of beans from their batch and adjust our grinding process for them accordingly.

Still, this customization (though it may be a little less efficient) demonstrates our commitment to providing you with a coffee that matches your preferences and exceeds your expectations!

That said, the extra charge is a reflection of our pride in offering this level of personalization, attention to detail, and the care we put into each and every order.

Brewing & Serving

Care & Reuse

For peak freshness, the best way to keep ground coffee or whole beans fresh is to store it in an airtight container. Even better, away from light, heat and moisture …like on a pantry shelf.

Oh! And that cute little burlap sack your coffee arrived in is so worth keeping, repurposing, re-gifting or upcycling ♻️. Keep it green!

*** Note: If you order The Elena Roast whole bean, we strongly recommend cleaning your grinder after use to clear it of any sugar that may be left behind. ***


Your order will be processed within 72 hours of our nearest Roast Day.

Roast Days:
A “Roast Day” is when we fulfill all of our most recent orders. Roast Days occur twice weekly — Mondays & Thursdays. Read more about our Roast & Rest Days.

Your order will leave our kitchen within 24 hours after completing roasting, packaging, and quality assurance checks.

Shipping & Tracking:
Transit time will vary depending on your location. However, we typically ship orders Economy (delivery within 3-5 business days). We will also send you your tracking information as soon as your order has shipped.

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our tinycup is a 6 oz. cup of coffee

Why, you ask? Well, in American coffee culture, serving sizes often assume 8 oz. equals "one cup" of coffee. But we like the more universal standard for coffee, which is 6 oz. mug-served coffee. The reasons are simple but important...

  • (1) Mindful Consumption

    The 6 oz. standard promotes thoughtful, more intentional moments of coffee savoring.

  • (2) Ideal Strength & Flavor

    Smaller servings maintain a balance of coffee strength and richer flavor without dilution.

  • (3) Consistent Experience

    Adhering to the 6 oz. standard makes for a more consistent experience with each cup you make.

  • (4) Enhanced Aroma

    Smaller quantities help to preserve the aromatic qualities of the coffee for longer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Muzna Khan

The Elena Roast

Monet Kees

The Elena Roast

Umar Walker

I love it, my wife loves it. I purchased for my wife because I’m not a coffee drinker but every morning I’m drinking with her

Ahmed M
Loving It, it’s my go to

Lovin the Elena. If she was a woman, she’d be a desirable one. I’ve had the Elena roast before but she keeps me coming back. I haven’t bought the best seller (Adeni) because I’m soo pleased with the Elena.

Erin S
What a sweet treat!

I chose the Elena roast simply for the name and wasn’t really sure what to expect in flavor. The brown sugary sweetness blew me away in the best way possible! It is an absolute delight. The blend is smooth as all get-out and smells like heaven. All this in a delightful package with thoughtful touches and surprises hidden throughout. Thank you for bringing joy to my coffee drinking (and opening) experience, M!

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