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Tinycup Gift Card

Tinycup Gift Card

Give the gift of rest. Help someone you care about resist the grind with a gift card for Tinycup Coffee. Whether its one of our a Signature Roasts they want to try or Our Rest Collection from our Shop, one of the best gifts you can give to someone you care about is an opportunity carve out time for themself to unwind and recharge.

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NOTE: Your order will be included in our nearest Roast Day on Monday or Thursday and will ship upon completion. See Roast & Rest Schedule


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our tinycup is a 6 oz. cup of coffee

Why, you ask? Well, in American coffee culture, serving sizes often assume 8 oz. equals "one cup" of coffee. But we like the more universal standard for coffee, which is 6 oz. mug-served coffee. The reasons are simple but important...

  • (1) Mindful Consumption

    The 6 oz. standard promotes thoughtful, more intentional moments of coffee savoring.

  • (2) Ideal Strength & Flavor

    Smaller servings maintain a balance of coffee strength and richer flavor without dilution.

  • (3) Consistent Experience

    Adhering to the 6 oz. standard makes for a more consistent experience with each cup you make.

  • (4) Enhanced Aroma

    Smaller quantities help to preserve the aromatic qualities of the coffee for longer.

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